Waskasoo Environmental Education Society (WEES) is making every effort to operate the Kerry Wood Nature Centre in the most sustainable manner possible.

Two factors go into all the energy demand decisions at the Nature Centre:

1. Will this reduce our 
ecological footprint?

2. Will this save us money?

The staff at the Nature Centre is extremely proud of their efforts to to produce their own alternative energy, as well as to conserve electricity, natural gas, and water. 

We are very grateful to Alberta Environment and their Centennial Technology Demonstration Fund grants.
Their contributions funded the furnaces, the in-line hot water system, phase 2 of the solar PV system and the water-free urinal.
Sustainability in Action
Solar collectors on the roof...
...provide sunlight to fixtures in the hall.
No pilot + no stored water = 50% less gas than a conventional water tank.
Saving 30,000 litres of water per year with a waterfree urinal is definitely cool.
Solar panels on the roof generate DC electricity.
Inverters in the building change DC into AC power.
The "box" sends our power generation data to a website as part of an internatinal solar project. 
Four brand new high efficiency furnaces coupled with a heat ventilator keep the building warm. 96% of the natural gas burned is being converted to heat.
What a roof! All the sloped surfaces at the nature centre are clad in tiles made from reprocessed old tires.
Click on an image to reveal how we are doing our part to stay green.
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